Ways To Master Online Poker Without Breaking A Sweat

By | December 13, 2019

A huge number of players do not like loose games. And for some, this feeling reaches such a level that they practically do not believe that it is simply impossible to get an advantage over rivals at a great distance.

They think in the following way: if the opponents call 먹튀검증 with any two cards and plan to call before the deal is completed in order to draw, the player is unlikely to guess exactly where you are in this hand and, most likely, will lag where something in the tail.

As a result, it turns out that if a player is not exactly sure of his location, and he is literally attacked by everyone, then how can he count on an advantage over his rivals in the future?

Starting hands

In truth, gaining an advantage in loose games is not difficult, but for this you need to throw a few biases out of your head. To get started, get the myth out of your head that strong starting hands or ready-made hands on the flop are a guarantee of getting into the river. Such a statement does not apply to both unlimited and loose games.

However, a strong starting hand allows you to tip the odds in your favor (an increase from 17% to 25%). But even in this situation, you will continue to miss most of the pots. In other words, the difference between 17% and 25% is the distance difference between the winner and the loser. In this case, even a pre-flop tight-strategy can change the course of any game.

The probability of getting into the pot with weak hands like 8-4 and J-9 with the expectation of getting into the flop looks very tempting, but you should not get carried away. Professional players will not miss the opportunity to make a squeeze in order to partially negate the value of your hand. Therefore, I recommend not to play with weak hands, if inside loose games bring you difficulties.

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